Policy/Action to be Taken

Guiding Principles for Reform

Goal: We support comprehensive federal reform including secure borders. Successful reform will modify immigration policies without creating more obstacles for workers to connect with employers. Thus, the following actions must occur simultaneously:

  • Reform should include a timely and affordable way for current immigrants and their families, regardless of status, to become documented legal participants in our society. We support a path to permanent residency for all immigrants residing in the United States who are not otherwise excluded for reasons such as criminal convictions. We support a timely reduction of backlogs where family and professional workers have been waiting to immigrate for many years.
  • Reform should include a simple and accurate status verification that is affordable and accessible, especially for small businesses. Reforms should protect those meeting their obligations from liability.
  • Reform should include a simple and timely approach to the future flow of immigrants, including permanent and temporary status. New rules should allow sufficient immigration that expands and contracts with the needs of the business community and continues current workplace standards as our economy grows. Currently there is not a temporary immigration program that works for several industries important to Minnesota (i.e. dairy and nursery industries). Companies that cannot use the existing H2-A or H-2B visa programs need a solution.


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