Immigration Reform: Join Us

The Economic Contributions of Immigrants: February 12, 2014

Twin Cities Research Group Brown Bag Speaker Series:

Wednesday, Feb 12, Noon to 1:00 pm

Join professor Bruce Corrie and Sarah Radosevich for a discussion of their recently released report, “The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Minnesota.” The report compiles the most recent data available from federal, state and local sources to describe the multi-dimensional contributions that immigrants make – not only as workers, but as entrepreneurs, consumers, taxpayers, and more.

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Featured presenters: Bruce Corrie, PhD, is professor of economics at Concordia University in St. Paul; Sarah Radosevich, MPP, is a policy research analyst with Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

Event is at: Wilder Foundation, Room 2610, 451 Lexington Parkway (at University Ave), Saint Paul, MN 55104. Map with the meeting's location is at

Event is FREE. Wilder's parking ramp is FREE. Bring your own brown-bag lunch.


The Minnesota Business Immigration Coalition along with Advocacy Partners held several meetings to review immigration reform issues and economic impacts to our state. A panel discussion, including members from the business, labor, education, faith communities was  featured to discuss these issues.

This report was compiled and based, in part, on information gathered during the 2011 Immigration Reform Meetings:

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